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  • Bucky and Steve having box set evenings, just streaming entire seasons of GOT, marathoning the entirety of Star Wars (4,5,1,2,3,6, because Bucky had looked it up on the internet), getting pissed that Firefly was cancelled when they went looking for the rest of the season. 
  • Bucky ordering 20 pizzas online because the novelty of being able to do so was just too much, 'holy shit, I'd never have left the house if we could have done this in the 30's'. 
  • Ugly tears into tubs of ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ over everything 'programming just wasn't this emotional back in the day, what are they doing to my feelings?'
  • 'Holy shit, can they show this on television?'
  • Bucky sets up an xbox live account,’WhothefuckisBucky’, and trolls 12 year olds on Battlefield by making improbable head shots. 
  • 'Steve, Steve, you've got to come over here.' *crying* 'Have you heard this guy, holy shit, he must be like 12, holy shit son, we were in the army and I've never heard someone swear like this!' *doubles over laughing*
  • Bucky snapchatting Steve from the top of the White House. 
  • 'Holy shit, Bucky where are you?' 'Well, I went for a walk and decided I needed some exercise' 'So you climbed the White House?' 'Idk man, i felt I did them a favour, the security is just awful' 'Bucky, what the fuck?' 'Sorry, Steve, gtg, secret service finally found a way onto the roof, see you later, I'll buy milk on the way home'

Have you ever been alone on this train? When was the last time you were alone? You can’t remember, can you? So please do take your time.

Bon Iver // Blood Bank (JacM Remix)


Frederik Meijnen by Jasper Abels - Prestage Magazine

Frederik Meijnen by Jasper Abels - Prestage Magazine


I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself, and ways to do things that are kind of scary.

Translated Letter from Anne Boleyn to Henry VIII

I found this translation of Anne’s ‘last’ letter to Henry, that she supposedly wrote during her stay in the Tower. I personally think the letter sounds legit, even though others would deny it. I think this translated version of the letter I found on Yahoo answers is nicely done. 

Take a look.


I don’t know why you are angry with me, or what you think I have done wrong. I don’t know why you sent a man that you know is my enemy, to exact a confession from me either. As soon as he gave me your message, I knew what was going on, and if you say that the truth will set me free, then I will tell the truth. 

I won’t be forced to say I did something wrong when I didn’t. No wife has been more loyal and affectionate than me. 

I never started this just to become famous or to become Queen, all I ever wanted was for you to love me even though I knew that you had a wandering heart. 

You chose me, a lowly commoner, to be your wife. If I was good enough for you back then, please don’t listen to rumours started by my enemies and please don’t let these rumours hurt our relationship or that reputation of our daughter. 

If you want to have a trial, do it. Let me show everyone that I have been slandered. I have nothing to hide. 

If you find me guilty then you are free to punish me as you see fit or cast me aside for another woman – and I know there’s another woman 

If you’ve already decided that I am guilty and mean to have me killed, then may God have mercy on your soul, and the souls of my enemies who have pushed you into this course of action. I hope God doesn’t judge you too harshly for the way you’ve treated me, because he knows that I am innocent. 

My final request is that you do not punish the innocent men who have been accused along with me, and rot in prison because of me. If you ever loved me then please do this for me, and I will pray to God for your safe keeping and guidance. 

Your loyal and faithful wife, 
Anne Boleyn